Aldis is an Epic Fantasy set in the land of Penwel. 
Jocelyne's happy, but dull, life is completely shattered in one sunny afternoon. Fleeing from unknown pursuers, she finds herself in another world and discovers a family she never knew existed, including a twin brother with whom she shares an unusual connection. Before Jocelyne can settle into her new surroundings, where she is suddenly an important figure and magic is an accepted part of life, an old enemy resurfaces and the teenage girl must rely on a young bodyguard she hardly knows in order to save herself and her new found family.



The Aldis' might have destroyed Kolbyr in the battle to save their people, and the rest of Penwel, from the Fire Demon, but they have not defeated all their enemies.

Kiarr has survived, and finds someone in the wreckage of that fire that he can use to bring about the rise of Kadmos, and his master.


Interview Up (Wed, 08 Mar 2017)
The interview is now up at: https://architectsofworldsafar.wordpr... posted by L. Walker on January, 20
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Interview (Fri, 03 Mar 2017)
I'd like to quickly thank Jessica for recently interviewing me. The interview should appear on her site: Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar, on Wednesday 8th March at 10:30 am EST, 3:30 pm GMT. Stop by her blog at https://architectsofworldsafar.wordpr... There's a lot of interesting interviews on there. posted by L. Walker on January, 13
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Aldis is set in the collection of lands, known as Penwel. It is located in the northern part of the continent and the people hardly know anything of the places beyond their own borders.

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